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Please carefully read all that is below before making a purchase or making use of our services. If you do not agree with or cannot comply with these terms and conditions in full, you are restricted from making use of any of Rs Player services in any form.


Rs Player is not affiliated with Jagex Ltd. or Runescape® in any form or fashion. RuneScape® and Jagex® are trademarks of Jagex Ltd © 2000 - 2020 Jagex Ltd. You can view Jagex Ltd, Terms of service can be found on .


You agree that when using our website you are complying with all local laws. This includes the payment of all relevant taxes in full. You agree that Rs Player cannot be held response for any damage or loss. That is incurred due to the usage of the services that we provide.

Prices and Fees

Prices and fees may be subject to regular changes. We reserve ourselves the right to change the prices at any moment in time. If not agreed upon by the customer a refund may be considered. Prices related to selling gold must be mutually agreed up on in the live chat and handled accordingly. In-game fees like dueling tax, as well as real life fees are for the customer. Fees may be covered by us if agreed upon in the live chat. The price of gold and additional fees will be displayed at some point in the buying process. The fees regarding the receiving of money will simply be deducted from the money the seller receives, the amount of fees can always be checked with the live chat when selling. The only fees we charge are directly as from our third parties. No other fees are being charged.

Processing Payments

Rs Player uses various payment processors. We strive to deliver goods as soon as any form of payment confirmation has come through on our end or from our payment provider. Depending on their authentication system status, we might experience delays in delivering your order. We must have this policy in place to avoid delivering orders which get declined by the payment processor being used.

Refund policy

Refunds do not apply when you have received your order. You are entitled to a refund if an order has not been completed. If you would like to apply for a refund, this would have to be indicated through our live chat service in order to notify us immediately.

Buying on behalf of another person

Buying on behalf of someone else is strictly prohibited. If an order is being placed on behalf of another user the transaction, if not yet completed, will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded excluding additional third party fees.

Order Delivery

All order deliveries are final, there are no circumstances in which we will ask for your order to be returned to us. Also be aware of in game impersonators and only talk to our live chat when communicating with Rs Player staff.

Pursuing Fraud

We urge all our customers to refrain from committing fraud on our website. We will use all data and tools allowed and available to us to challenge the dispute and pursue legal action where deemed necessary.

Preventing Fraud

Rs Player uses a multitude of procedures and data to verify information about you and your order to protect Rs Player as well as yourself from fraud. We may require additional information during the payment process. It is not allowed to use service that hide your identity while transacting with is. This includes but is not limited to services like: VPN’s, proxies and private or shared servers.

Transaction Limits

The use of all Rs Player services may be subject to a limit on the volume you may transact in a given time period. The support in the live chat will be able to tell you the possible limit for your transaction. The limit may vary depending on payment methods, verification and previously completed transactions. We serve the rights to change your transaction limits at any given moment for any reason.


For specific payment methods additional verification information may be required. Depending on the payment method this may be asked. The information is used to protect you and ourselves from fraudulent activities. We reserve the right to ask any customer at any moment for additional identification when deemed necessary. We also reserve the right to deny a customer to new orders if providing additional identification from earlier orders are insufficient or not provided. By sending us additional verification you agree to us keeping a record of your information. The information we might request may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Your legal name
  • Your telephone number
  • A video or photo of your passport or ID card
  • A video or photo of you holding your passport or ID card
A video or photo of your receipt or transaction history In providing us with any information requested, whether that is listed above or otherwise, you confirm that the information is accurate and correct at the time of submission.

Storing Identification

We store information securely and encrypted.

Denial of Service

We reserve the right to deny service to any customer at any time. Including any time throughout a transaction. If at that point the customer is owed any service, Runescape gold or real life money the money will be refunded to the customer. Harassment of any sort towards Rs Player staff may result in a temporary or permanent ban from using our live chat service and all services.

Order Details

We reserve the right to cancel your order in case you provide incorrect, fraudulent or insufficient payment information. If related to the cancellation of the order the customer is somehow owed by Rs Player (excluding third party fees) money we will refund the money to the same address the money came from.

Payment processing

We at Rs player ( make use of Adyen Services, as our payment processing service. The Adyen Services deliver real time or near real time Transaction processing capability. The Adyen Services include reconciliation services for Transaction Acquired and Settled via Adyen. In order to ensure the capability of Adyen to do so. All present Transactions shall be submitted to Adyen for processing through the Hosted Payment Pages as Payment Interface, which we as a merchant agree upon.

Changes to Agreement

We reserve the right to modify the terms of service at at any point in time. Before doing any transaction with us it is your responsibility to check the terms of services. By using any of the services you agree to our terms of service in its entirety.


Rs Player is only for your personal use only. You may not distribute, exchange, modify, sell or transmit any materials you copy from this Site, including but not limited to any software, text, images, audio and video ("Materials"), for any business, commercial or public purpose. All Materials on this Site are copyrighted and are protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions. Any unauthorized use of the Materials may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, and civil and criminal statutes.

Company information

Rs Player is part of Delta Payments © 2020. Delta Payments is officially registered and listed in the database of the KvK, also known as The Dutch chamber of commerce with KvK number: 78490936. For any questions regarding any of the information as presented above feel free to contact Rs Player at: or feel free to contact the live chat on the website.