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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Runescape gold is extremely simple. Select the amount of Runescape gold or real life currency and select your preferred payment method. Continue to check out and as soon as you have paid. You will be directed to the live chat, if you are not, please open the live chat yourself. As soon as your payment has been confirmed by our assistant, we send you the location in-game for you to come and pick up your gold. If you prefer to talk to one of our assistants you can also first ask the price per mill in the live chat.

1. We can trade you the gold.
2. We can staked the gold to you in the Dueling Arena (note that there is a small tax fee in the Dueling Arena that will not be covered by us).
3. We can tip you the gold. If you have a tip jar in your Player Owned House we can tip the money.

All facilities are restricted from 2:00 am - 6:00 am on all days. No exceptions are made for any holiday or recess except those officially listed as a Holidays in the calendar. Please note: 24-hour rental spaces, 24-hour rental lots, and disabled parking is enforced at all times.

Some parking facility restrictions differ from others. Be sure to take note of the signs at each lot entrance.

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